AGM Minutes

Summary of the Minutes of the AGM held at the Bloomsbury Hotel, Gt. Russell St., London on 30th Sep 2017 at 11.30am

PRESENT. 7 members

CHAIRMAN. Had nothing to report re the Post Office apart from the fact that Paula Vennells is still in post. His display at Stampex had won Gold

ACCOUNTS & REPORT. In the absence.of the treasurer the accounts were deferred.

SECRETARY'S  REPORT. Current membership is 92 which is an increase of 9 on last year.


Chairman – Tony Whitehead, Treasurer – Dave Payne, Secretary - Mark Rollason, 
Editor - Ross Pratley, Deputy Chaiman - Mark Rollason, Auctioneer – Richard Solly.
Publication Committee members – Michael Brill, John Gledhill and Richard Solly
Internal Examiner – Gary Oddie
Overseas Representatives Jack Harwood, Ross Pratley and John Eccles were re-appointed.

JOURNAL.The year's journals were excellent thanks to Ross.

INFORME WEBSITE. John Gledhill reported problems and this would be transferred to Google and was expected to take up to year.

SUBSCRIPTIONS. To remain free for existing members with a fee of £10 for new members.

AUCTIONS. New material needed.

MIDPEX 2017. Very successful. Next one is in 2019.

LATEST FROM THE POST OFFICE. Tony had nothing to report.

HONORARY  MEMBERSHIP. Jack Harwood and Richard Solly were proposed and agreed.

NEXT MEETING. IBNS 6th Oct 2018 at the late slot. (To be confirmed)

LUNN TROPHY AND AWARD. Michael Brill was this year’s winner with the article BPOs £1 to £250 . The prize draw of those who voted was won by Chris Mearns..