AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM held at the Bloomsbury Hotel, Gt. Russell St., London on 4th Oct 2014 at 2.00pm

PRESENT. Messrs. T Whitehead, J Purser, M Wright, Mark Rollason, D Payne, I Fraser,
N. Harrison, J Harwood, J Eccles, M Brill, M Tedds & R Solly

APOLOGIES J. Gledhill, C. Mearns, G. Oddie, & R. Norris

CHAIRMAN. Tony asked Jack to speak about the legacy from Jim Noll.
Jack gave a full account of his efforts on this matter and suggested that now we could look at raising more members.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING Jan 2013 were accepted.


ACCOUNTS & REPORT. A list of Income and Expenditure circulated to those present.
The figures did not include auctions.

ANNUAL REPORT. Current membership is 69 which is 8 down on last year.

Ways of attracting new and former members was discussed. These included adverts, free subs. for a year including present members and other publicity. The motion on subs. was agreed nem con.
Also agreed – subs. to become due on the 1st January 2016 and subsequent 1st Jan.
Subs. to be reviewed at the next AGM.
Tony was prepared to travel to New York 2016. A subsidy from the society was suggested.
Tables at fairs and flyers were further suggestions.


Chairman – Tony Whitehead, Treasurer – Dave Payne, Secretary & Editor – Mal Tedds
Deputy Chaiman - Gary Oddie, Auctioneer – Richard Solly.
Publication Committee members – Michael Brill, John Gledhill and Richard Solly (Conrad Graham deceased)
Internal Examiner – Gary Oddie
Overseas Representatives Jack Harwood, Ross Pratley and John Eccles were re-appointed.

It was pointed that the independent accounts examiner was also the deputy chairman. This was acceptable as no signature was involved..
On this basis all of the officers and appointees were proposed en bloc and agreed. Richard Solly was then appointed to the publications committee.

PUBLICATIONS. It was re-iterated that funds were available for any publications on postal orders on application to the committee. Jack is working on Israeli postal orders.

WEBSITE. An application form for membership to be placed on the site.

AUCTIONS. Not that many interested currently. It was agreed that there would be no charge to buyers and sellers. Some members did not receive their last auction list by email.

MIDPEX 2015. Some help needed on manning the stall.

CONSTITUTION. Draft to be sent out with the next PON inc. proxy votes.

LATEST FROM THE POST OFFICE. The responsibility for postal orders to be changed shortly to Barclays bank with bank related bar codes. Similar design but the machines are changing.

NEXT MEETING. IBNS 2015 at the early slot.

LUNN TROPHY AND AWARD. Gary Oddie was this year’s winner again with the article Lady Willoughby de Broke . The prize draw of those who voted was won by John Purser.